New Work From Home Plan Of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and BSNL

 New Work From Home Plans

Nowadays everyone wants to know about the Work From Home plan. We also keep you updated about different work from home plans. In fact, nowadays, due to corona virus, there is a lockdown of several months and this is why office people are working from home and school children are studying from home. Because of this, we are going to tell you about some new work from home plans.

BSNL Work From Home Plan

A new work from home plan of BSNL is Rs 599, which comes with high-speed data. In this plan, internet data is available to 5 GB daily and speeds up to 80 Kbps are available. Apart from this, 250 minutes are available daily in this plan. At the same time, 100 SMS are also given daily in this plan and the validity of this plan is 90 days.

Reliance Jio's Work From Home Plan

The Jio company has also launched a new work from home plan. The price of this plan is 251 rupees. The company gets 50 GB data in this plan. Apart from this, an add-on plan is Rs 201, in which 40 GB internet data is available. Apart from this, the third add-on plan of this company is Rs 151. In which users are given up to 30 GB of extra data daily.

Rs 599 Plan

In a plan of Rs 599, Jio company will get 2 GB of internet data daily. Along with this, 3000 minutes and 100 SMS daily facility is also given in this plan for making calls from Jio to Jio Unlimited with 84 days validity. Along with all this, there is a facility of live apps.

Airtel Company Work From Home Plan

Airtel company has a plan of Rs 598. This plan is also available with the plans of other companies. In this plan, users get 1.5 GB of internet data and 100 SMS daily for 84 days. Apart from this, users also get unlimited calling facility in this plan.

Vodafone-Idea's Work From Home Plan

Vodafone-Idea has also launched a plan of Rs 599 just like BSNL. In this plan also, users get 1.5 GB internet data daily. Apart from this, 5 GB data is available daily for the initial 28 days in this plan and then 1.5 GB data is available for the remaining 56 days. In this way, the total validity of this plan is 84 days. In this plan, the company is also giving Zee5 subscription and Vodafone Play access.

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